Chinese (simplified): 圣徒传记
Dutch: hagiografie
French: hagiographie
German: Hagiographie
Italian: agiografia
Japanese: 聖人伝
Spanish: hagiografía
Definition: No definition available yet.
Status: This word is considered as related to book history and, as such, it is listed in the glossary.
Parent words?: religious reading

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Nov 2018, Scientific meeting: Novel Saints. Novel, Hagiography an, location: Gand
Nov 2018, Scientific meeting: Animaux familiers II, location: Lausanne
Nov 2018, Call for paper: Les Miracles de Notre Dame du Moyen, location: Rennes
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Jun 2018, Call for paper: CfP Les manuscrits hagiographiques , location: Lille, Namur, Leuven
Mar 2018, Scientific meeting: Les Miracles de Notre Dame du Moyen, location: Rennes