Wijzer Waarderen

Research project

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Launched in: 2013
Location: Belgium
Related institutions: Vlaamse Erfgoedbibliotheek
In a heritage context, valuing is not equal to determining financial value. Valuing is the process of researching, naming and documenting various heritage values in a rational and structured way together with internal and external stakeholders. For example, to record the importance of a newspaper collection at the Flemish level.

The Flemish Heritage Library has found that there is currently no clear framework, no common discourse and no shared terminology when it comes to valuing heritage library collections. Existing models from the museum or archival world can not simply be applied to heritage libraries.

The aim of the pilot project Wijzer Waarderen is to gain experience with the cross-collection appreciation of subcollections. Work is in progress on a model and instruments for heritage libraries.
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