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Jun 2021, Scientific meeting: [online] Early Modern Cultures of C, location: New York, Groningen
Mar 2020, Scientific meeting: Medieval French Without Borders, location: New York
Sep 2019, Call for paper: Medieval French Without Borders - C, location: New York
Apr 2019, Position application: Astor Curator and Department Head o, location: New York
Dec 2018, Position application: Grolier Club Library William H. Hel, location: New York
Nov 2018, Position application: Provost's Postdoctoral Librarian Fe, location: New York
Feb 2018, Scientific meeting: Columbia Book History Colloquium, location: New York
Jan 2018, Scientific meeting: APS Distinguished Scholar Lecture -, location: New York
Jan 2018, Exhibition: Now and Forever: The Art of Medieva, location: New York