Andrea Ottone

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Research interests

My interests in the field of book history include issues related to production, circulation and consumption. In the frame of the RICI program, a research focused on sixteenth century monastic libraries, I also developed an interest towards the history of censorship in Renaissance and Baroque Italy, while also delving into historical bibliography and digital humanities. I typically aim to merge material history with social and cultural studies. More recently, within the EMoBookTrade Project I started investigating the professional activity of Venetian bookseller and publisher Bernardo di Bernardo Giunti. In doing so, I am also surveying book prices in late Renaissance Europe.
Keywords:book history, bookselling, censorship, library, reader.
Studied area(s):Italy, Florence, Rome, Venice.
Studied period:1580-1640

Academic background

Discipline(s):book history.
Institution(s):Università degli Studi di Udine.
Highest degree: PhD or equivalent.

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