Laura Carnelos

Residence:United Kingdom.
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Research interests

My academic career has been devoted to research on different aspects of Italian socio-cultural history, especially the history of so-called popular editions from the sixteenth to nineteenth centuries. Since February 2016, I have been working on a British-Italian Marie S. Curie Individual Fellowship project, PATRIMONiT. With this project, I am re-evaluating the concept of ‘ephemeral publication’, setting up new parametres in our way of studying them, on the basis of their material evidence and the use of archival sources, and for the description and cataloguing of ‘popular’ books.
Keywords:16c prints, bibliography, book history, cataloging, cheap prints, circulation of people and material, cultural history, library, popular culture, social history.
Studied area(s):Italy, United Kingdom, London, Oxford.
Studied period:1500-1900

Academic background

Discipline(s):Book History.
Institution(s):Consortium of European Research Libraries.
Highest degree: PhD or equivalent.