Ilaria Andreoli

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Research interests

I published several articles about the illustration of Ovid's Metamorphosis, Ariosto's Orlando furioso, Italian "three crowns" in Italy and France, Lyonese illustrated books and on medical and botanical treatises. I am now working on three monographs: on the "Passio Venetiana" blockbook; on the Parisian printer and typefunder Pietro Deuchino active in Venice in the second half of the 16th century; and on the collection of 15th and 16th c. Italian illustrated printed books and the oeuvre of the prince d'Essling. I am also preparing a catalogue of the woodblocks collection in the Correr Museum in Venice.
Keywords:art history, bibliophily, book history, engraving, etching, forgery, illustrated books, illustration technique, printing matrice, Renaissance studies, text/image interactions.
Studied area(s):Europe, France, Italy, Florence, Lyon, Paris, Rome, Venice.
Studied period:1470-1600

Academic background

Discipline(s):Art History, Book History.
Institution(s):Centre national de la recherche scientifique, Fondazione Giorgio Cini.
Highest degree: PhD or equivalent.

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