Renáta Modráková

Residence:Czech Republic.
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Research interests

Scriptorium of former Benedictine St. George´s Convent at the Prague Castle, as well as library of this oldest nun´s convent, monastic studies (especially female convents) in Middle European territory, book culture of female convents in Bohemia, digital humanities, medieval manuscripts from Czech monasteries, medieval written culture of Czech lands, medieval paleography and codicology Published: Zlomky rukopis? v Národní knihovn? ?eské republiky (with J. Marek): Manuscript fragments from the National Library, 2006.
Keywords:ancient libraries, book culture, codicology, digital humanities, female convents, monastic studies, paleography, scriptorium.
Studied area(s):Czech Republic.
Studied period:1000-1500

Academic background

Discipline(s):Monastic history.
Institution(s):National Library of the Czech Republic.
Highest degree: PhD or equivalent (in preparation).