Chiara Cacciola

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Research interests

I am a PhD student in French Literature at the Université Sorbonne Nouvelle in Paris. My PhD thesis takes the form of a critical edition and study of the opera omnia of Christofle de Gamon (1574-1622), whose works are an example of the relationship between poetry and science in Renaissance and Baroque France. My research focuses on bringing to light the works of this lesser-known poet and on studying his poetry as an indicator of 16th and early 17th centuries' state of scientific knowledge.
Keywords:Early Modern science, French literature, history of science, Renaissance studies, scientific poetry.
Studied area(s):France, Lyon, Paris.
Studied period:1550-1650

Academic background

Discipline(s):French Literature.
Institution(s):Université Paris Sorbonne Nouvelle.
Highest degree: PhD or equivalent (in preparation).