David Shaw

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Research interests

I am interested in history of the book (15th-18th centuries) and provenance research (England). I am a Voluntary Assistant at the British Library working one day a week on the ESTC database. At Canterbury Cathedral I am doing provenance research on the early collections (17th/18th centuries) and also investigating and recording printed material in the Cathedral Archives which was not included in the printed books catalogue (up to 1800) which I directed in 1979/1980. I am also recording the Cathedral's medieval and early modern manuscript holdings on the Schoenberg DataBase of Manuscripts at the University of Pennsylvania (SDBM).
Keywords:cataloging, hand-press, incunabula, library, paper, provenance research.
Studied area(s):France, United Kingdom, Canterbury.
Studied period:1450-1800

Academic background

Discipline(s):Latin and French.
Institution(s):Independant researcher.
Highest degree: PhD or equivalent.

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