Edwige Keller Rahbé

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Research interests

I am studying the relationships between literature and bookselling by examining the legal protection of Early Modern printed items (16th-17th c., with a perspective oriented towards the 18th c. as well): privileges, approvals and permissions to print. This work led to several publications, including two monographs and a few articles.
I am currently working on “privileges for female booksellers in Early Modern France (16th-17th c.)” (“Le privilège de librairie au féminin dans la France d’Ancien Régime”) as a part of the call for project GIS Institut du genre 2018-2028.
Using “masculine” privilege as a point of comparison, the objective of this project is to reevaluate women as holders of bookselling privileges, whether in a role as intellectual or material producers. The project also aims to expose an unedited corpus and to examine problems specific to women’s privileges.
Keywords:book history, book trade, privileges, women and printing privileges.
Studied area(s):Europe, France, Lyon, Paris.
Studied period:1600-1730

Academic background

Discipline(s):French Literature (French Seventeenth century Literature).
Institution(s):Université Lumière-Lyon-II.
Highest degree: PhD or equivalent.