Stefania Silvestri

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Research interests

I am Postdoctoral Research Associate at the Centre for Jewish Studies, University of Manchester and I am currently working on the project '50 Jewish Objects'. I have been research associate at the John Rylands Research Institute and catalogued the collection of manuscripts in Hebrew scripts at the John Rylands University Library. My past projects were focused on the Hebrew Bibles produced in Medieval Spain and Portugal, and ketubbot (Jewish marriage contracts) from Early Modern Venice. My current project investigates manuscripts from Early Modern Yemen, while focusing on their production and on the interactions between this book culture and the manuscript and printing cultures of the Arabian Peninsula and Europe.
Keywords:book history, codicology, Jewish Studies, manuscripts, paleography.
Studied area(s):Arabian Peninsula, Portugal, Spain, Yemen, Venice.
Studied period:1501-1800

Academic background

Institution(s):University of Manchester.
Highest degree: PhD or equivalent.