Rosamund Oates

Residence:United Kingdom.
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Research interests

My monograph, Moderate Radical: Tobie Matthew and the English Reformation (2018, OUP) explores the evolution of English Puritanism between Elizabethan and Caroline England. I also publish on reading practices and annotations, early modern libraries and Tudor history writing. From June 2018 I am working in partnership with Nina Adamova, St Petersburg University on copies of the Nuremberg Chronicle in the National Library of Russia and U.K. I am working on Preaching and the senses, particularly the development of sign languages for the deaf and early modern preaching.
Keywords:book history, Deafness and Disability, early modern studies, library, Post Reformation, Preaching Culture, Puritans.
Studied area(s):Cambridge, Leeds, Los Angeles, Manchester, Oxford.
Studied period:1400-1700

Academic background

Discipline(s):Early Modern History.
Institution(s):Manchester Metropolitan University.
Highest degree: PhD or equivalent.