Construction, Representation and Reception of Genealogical Knowledge during the Middle Ages and the Early Modern Period

Scientific meeting

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Begins on: Friday 10 December 2021.
Ends on: Saturday 11 December 2021.
Location: Aachen
Related institutions: Aachen University
In general, “genealogy” is understood to mean two things: on the one hand, it is a field of research – an auxiliary historical science – that deals with the relationships and family lineages. On the other hand, it is a central cultural form of order and a model of thought employed in past epochs. The conference will examine this form of order and thought pattern taking a cultural-historical and interdisciplinary approach. It will focus on the way contemporaries dealt with genealogical knowledge and investigate its construction, representation, and reception. Thus, the conference will be dedicated exclusively to discourses of genealogical knowledge as opposed to the historical reconstruction of family lineages. [...]