[online] Early Modern Natural Philosophy: Reading the Book of Nature

Scientific meeting

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Begins on: Thursday 17 June 2021.
Ends on: Friday 18 June 2021.
Location: Bologna
Related institutions: Università di Bologna
The Eleventh Iasems Conference will investigate early modern intellectual engagement with natural philosophy. In the early modern age, reading the Book of Nature, namely the material manifestation of God’s design, meant crossing different epistemologies: it was a practice deeply inscribed into old and new cultural frameworks, religious beliefs and mental horizons; it took great advantage of new geographies and technologies, but at the same time valued the anchor of tradition; pervaded by uncertainty and doubt, it made of ‘intellectual vertigo’ a bewildering, but also challenging, starting point for inquiry. Early modern investigations, narratives and images often encoded attempts to identify safer foundations for man’s space in the modern world, to redefine nostalgic longings for lost purity in the relationship with nature, to challenge popular beliefs – while also addressing impending issues of exploitation, competition and control.