Author as Editor and Editor as Author

Scientific meeting

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Begins on: Thursday 15 November 2018.
Ends on: Saturday 17 November 2018.
Location: Praha
In an important sense, this year?s twofold theme follows up on the agenda of ESTS 2017 (“Editorial Degrees of Intervention”): firstly, by taking the idea of editorial interventions down the imaginary cline towards its far end where editors become authors, and secondly, to strike a thematic balance, by proposing to look into various aspects of a contrastive configuration – of texts edited by their authors. What conditions – such as pressures of ideology, historical-cultural context, urge to interpret or requirements of authenticity – turn editors into authors? And how do we tell the editors – with their complex duties of a scribe, a compiler, a commentator – from the authors? How does this “crossover” bear on these newly-born authors? editorial practices? What circumstances bring authors to start editing their own texts? What are the principal features of this type of editorial process and its final product?
Related keywords: authorship, editing, text editing