Manifest/o: Paper Revolutions - CfP

Call for paper

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Deadline: Wednesday 1 May 2019.
Location: Philadelphia
Related institutions: University of Pennsylvania
You! Are encouraged to consider paper’s endurance. As a forceful material, subject, object in contemporary art. Paper will manifest in exhibitions, demonstrations, and panel discussions to explore the revolution from paper's origins, in its present form, and the launch of paper into the future. Once again, we hurl defiance to the mills! Lift up your heads, and long live paper!

Individual and Panel Presentations Proposals for 20-minute short individual papers should include the paper topic, title, and an abstract (500 words maximum).
Proposals for panels of three or four speakers (60 minutes total) are expected to come from the moderator. The panel title and a description of the topic (500 words maximum).
Workshops, Demonstrations, and Other Activities: We welcome engaging proposals for demonstrations, workshops, and other activities and formats. Please submit the above information along with your space and equipment needs.
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