Author as Editor and Editor as Author - 15th century annual conference of the ESTS

Call for paper

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Deadline: Monday 30 April 2018.
Location: Praha
Following the tradition of the ESTS, the conference welcomes a wide range of topics. Papers can be on any language and on any period. Participants are invited to submit proposals for 20-minute presentations (followed by 10-minute discussion), or for three-paper sessions. The language of the conference is English. A suggested – though not prescriptive or exhaustive – list of topics includes: · The author?s voice and the editor?s voice: authenticity, interpretation and identity · Editors trespassing on authorial land: textual variants and degrees of intervention · Authors as editors: challenges and caveats · Editors as authors versus facts of language and philology · Authors? associates as editors · Fluid text and open text in the hands of editors and authors; aesthetics of variance · Tradition and the individual talent revisited: cultural, social and historical meanings and contexts of the figure of the author; the place of the editor · Readers? and community perceptions and constructions of the author-editor continuum · Digital re-editing: digitization of published edited text · Textology and Prague functional-structural tradition …as well as other more general topics that have always been fostered by the Society: · Digital versus printed editions · The target audience · Selection of texts worth editing · Scholarly editions
Related keywords: authorship, editing, text editing