Narrating history across languages in medieval Europe

Scientific meeting

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Begins on: Friday 14 June 2019.
Ends on: Saturday 15 June 2019.
Location: London
Related institutions: British Library, University of London
Narrating history across languages in medieval Europe is an international conference hosted at King’s College London and organised by The Values of French in collaboration with the British Library. The conference will consist of ten papers from speakers across a range of disciplines and languages. Focusing on the languages that were used to narrate history during the Middle Ages, we will ask questions not only about what the languages of history were, but also about the reasons driving these linguistic choices and about the places in which these languages were used. While ‘French outside France’, uses of French outside the ‘Hexagone’, is undoubtedly our primary area of interest, it is also our source of inspiration for investigating historiographic practices in other languages and in other contexts.
Related keywords: Historiography, history, medieval studies