Collecting, Curating, Assembling: New Approaches to the Archive in the Middle Ages

Scientific meeting

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Begins on: Friday 13 September 2019.
Ends on: Saturday 14 September 2019.
Location: Saint Andrews
Related institutions: University of St Andrews
The word archive suggests the acts of taxonomy and conservation, but also interpretation and regulation. Its etymology traces back to the Greek arkheion, thus highlighting the political nature of the physical archive and the act of archiving itself. The medieval world maintained this sense of privileged access. Isidore of Seville connected the Latin word archivium with arca, strongbox, and arcanum, mystery. But the term was malleable, referring to collections of various goods and treasures, not just of parchment records and registers. And yet, Michael Clanchy has argued that the medieval mind did not always distinguish between the library and the archive, as we do today.
Related keywords: archives, material bibliography, medieval studies