Catalogues des imprimés des XVe et XVIe siècles : ressources et bibliométrie

Members attending

Catherine Kikuchi
Pauline Blons,
Lucie Moruzzis,
Pierre-Louis Pinault

Early Modern Book project

Takes place on: Wednesday 16 January 2019.
Location: Paris
Related institutions: Bibliothèque des littératures policières
We would like to thank the BiLiPo for renewing their kind hospitality to our workshop. Catherine Chauchard introduced us to the collection and the history of the library.
The workshop was then divided in two main parts:
● One brief historical introduction to cataloguing and the practice of book catalogues for incunabula and early modern printed books.
● The concrete use of different catalogues 15th and 16th century printed books available on line, and the discussion of their comparative advantage and disadvantages. In particular, we explored the ISTC, USTC, GW, Biblissima, MEI and Book Privileges in Venice (1469-1545).
Here you can find a summary of what has been said in this workshop, as well as a list of the catalogues and projects that have been discussed.
Related keywords: book history, cataloging, quantitative methods