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Deadline: Friday 15 February 2019.
Location: Oslo
Related institutions: National Library of Norway
The history of the book is one of global and complex encounters, and the book trade has from its very outset been a transnational enterprise. Today, in part due to digitization, the production, distribution and consumption of books are becoming increasingly international, as books are made accessible worldwide. How does this tangle of transnational and transmedial characteristics inform the way we understand and study books and other printed materials? In what ways do local and global conditions shape what may be termed literary citizenship; how the act of writing, publishing and reading can foster social identity and agency?
The concluding conference of Literary Citizens of the World (LitCit), an international research project financed by the Research Council of Norway and hosted by the National Library, will be held in Oslo 25–27 September 2019. The conference is one in a series of events marking the 500th anniversary of printed books in Norway. The first ‘Norwegian’ book was printed in Paris in 1519, in Latin. Today, most ‘Norwegian’ books are printed in the Baltics, and the holdings of the National Library are digitized and made publicly accessible from around the world. The intermediate 500 years of Norwegian book history display similar transnational and transmedial characteristics.
Related keywords: actors of the book trade, censorship, community of readers, material bibliography, print culture, Reading practices