The baroque book: a happy joint creation of Balthasar Moretus and Peter Paul Rubens


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Begins on: Friday 28 September 2018.
Ends on: Sunday 6 January 2019.
Location: Antwerp
Related institutions: Plantin-Moretus Museum
The printed book experienced a profound transformation in the first half of the seventeenth century. A new imagery of allegorically detailed title pages and illustrations characterised the publications in this period. The Antwerp publisher Balthasar Moretus I was the publisher, par excellence, of this new Baroque book. The best known aspect of Balthasar Moretus’ publications are the refined title pages that Rubens designed for him. The typical appearance is also the result of the elegant fonts, the rich design and the abundance of decorative elements.
This exhibition provides an insight into how these editions were created. At all times, Moretus remained the alert director who brought everything together into a harmonious whole and gave shape to the production of each book from beginning to end. A combination of documents with preliminary contacts and exchanges of ideas for a future edition, drawings, copper plates and printed books themselves as the end product, immerse the viewer in the fascinating search for the features of the Baroque book, with finishing that is a feast for the eyes.
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