The St Andrews Book Conference : Print and Power

Scientific meeting

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Begins on: Thursday 21 June 2018.
Ends on: Saturday 23 June 2018.
Location: Saint Andrews
Related institutions: University of St Andrews
In the early modern period print could make or break power. While scholars have focussed mainly on efforts by authorities to restrict the circulation of printed texts, civic and ecclesiastical authorities recognised the potential as well as the dangers of this new technology. Cardinal Raymond Peraudi fully embraced the advantages offered by the new medium of print. On his fundraising campaign in the Holy Roman Empire he commissioned thousands of indulgence certificates and papal bulls. Repression of print could be fierce but governments throughout Europe increasingly recognized the power of print, and started using printed broadsheets to communicate decisions with their citizens. This conference will explore the multifaceted and changing relationships between power and print in the early modern world.
Related keywords: book history, print culture