A Tradition of Our Own: The History of Women Printers

Call for paper

Deadline: Saturday 16 November 2019.
Location: Amherst
Women printers can be found in every country and in every period since the advent of print. These women aren’t the shadowy puzzles alluded to in many studies: we have established names, dates, addresses, and titles these women produced, from Mary Simmons, Tace Sowle, and Elinor James in England, to Ann Franklin, Clementina Rind, and Mary Katherine Goddard in the colonial Americas, to Charlotte Guillard in France, the Rippoli nuns in Italy, and many many more. This panel seeks papers examining the history of women printers whether as individual case studies of specific individuals and imprints, or more broadly in terms of historiographic and bibliographic surveys. Papers will ideally engage with the SHARP 2019 theme “Indigeneity, Nationhood, and Migrations of the Book,” but more general proposals will also be considered.
Please send proposals with paper titles, abstracts (250 words max.) and short biographies (100 words) to Cait Coker at cait.coker@gmail.com by November 16, 2019.
Related keywords: history of printing, printer, women printers