The Literary Exchanges and Intellectual Encounters of Humanists in the Northern Provinces during the Renaissance

Scientific meeting

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Begins on: Friday 7 June 2019.
Ends on: Sunday 9 June 2019.
Location: Saint-Omer
Related institutions: University of Artois
The first Saint-Omer international colloquium is co-organized by the Centre de Recherche et d’Études Histoire et Sociétés (EA 4027 CREHS - Université d’Artois), and the Cultural Services of St Omer country’s Urban district (CAPSO). It is part of the pluri-disciplinary research programme The Renaissance in the Northern Provinces, coordinated since 2015 by Pr. Charles Giry-Deloison and Dr. Laurence Baudoux, and is in the continuity of the conferences already held at the University of Artois. The Saint-Omer colloquium aims to address all expressions of the Renaissance in the field of Humanities (philosophy, literature, arts), in the former Southern Netherlands in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries. It will focus in particular on the exchanges, encounters and bonds between the main actors of this cultural revival.
Related keywords: circulation of people and material, comparative literature, Humanism, intellectual history