Call for Papers: Printers, Their Social Networks, and the Public Sphere

Call for paper

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Deadline: Wednesday 1 August 2018.
Location: Toronto
"For a proposed panel at the annual meeting of the Renaissance Society of America 2019 (Toronto, 17 -19 March)...In what ways did individual printers shape the discourse of the period? How did the social network of a printer, or the materials of a particular shop contribute to ideological output? How did female printers (Elizabeth Allde, Jacqueline Vautrollier, Ellen Boyle, and others) influence prevailing ideas of gender or religion? How did specific apprenticeships influence the output of particular shops? In what ways did the Stationers Company and other such organizations facilitate or hinder open discourse? Although the above examples are about English print shops, the call is open to scholars working in other languages and regions as well. Proposals due August 1, 2018." Send proposals to Scott Oldenburg, Proposals should include 1) paper title; 2) abstract (150-word max.); 3) short cv (300-word max, not prose); 4) list of five keywords; 5) AV requirements. Note that panelists must register for the conference and arrange for their own travel and lodging.
Related keywords: book trade, history of communication, printer, printer or publisher's device, social history