Members attending

Joshua Kruchten
Louis-Gabriel Bonicoli,
Alissar Levy,
Lucie Moruzzis,
Corinna Onelli

Scientific meeting

Takes place on: Friday 8 June 2018.
Location: Paris
Related institutions: Bibliothèque des littératures policières
This spring (May and June), we would like to test out a new kind of workshop. This workshop would be an informal dialogue between us—Master's students, Doctoral students, and anyone else just starting a career in research—where we could exchange short excerpts of our work in progress (limited to one or two pages) for discussion. The goal of this workshop would be to create a warm and convivial environment and to foster interdisciplinary exchanges during a workshop of about two hours, and especially to present our work to other students and researchers from other institutions and disciplines, all while having the chance to practice presenting our research in a friendly environment.

The Bibliothèque des littératures policières (BiLiPo) in Paris has generously offered us a space for several Fridays in May and June. The first workshop will then take place on June 8th, at 2PM. If you wish to attend, please write to the organizer at the address
Related keywords: book history