Independent Publishing Conference 2018

Scientific meeting

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Begins on: Thursday 22 November 2018.
Ends on: Saturday 24 November 2018.
Location: Melbourne
The complex systems of rules, conventions and traditions that underpin publishing practice are inextricably linked to the production, reception and consumption of texts. They range from formally consecrated legislation and official industry and organisational codes of conduct, through to unofficial traditions 'learned on the job': passed on as cultural capital (cf. Pierre Bourdieu's The Rules of Art). Laws then, broadly defined, structure the operation of the publishing industry.
The legalities of publishing—from copyright to contracts, privacy to parallel importation—feature constantly in the process of putting books and magazines to print, and the interdisciplinary nature of publishing studies scholarship encourages similarly multi-faceted investigation of the industry's legalities. And then there are the unofficial laws: those conventions that govern literary merit, genres, questions of 'taste', and the value placed on the book as a cultural object.
Related keywords: censorship, circulation of people and material, copyright