Unlocking the Stationers' Company Archive, 1554–1801

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Deadline: Friday 13 April 2018.
Location: London
The Stationers' Company is one of the most important cultural institutions in British history. From its foundation from 1403, it has been the primary membership organisation for the English book trade.
This workshop will introduce you to the diversity and range of the Company's records. It will explain the structure of the Company, what records it kept, and how to interpret the documents. Guidance will be given on using relevant reference works, catalogues, and other resources (including the latest digital tools), and you will be encouraged to come with your own research questions. Special attention will be given to the Stationers' Register and the membership records.
The workshop will be led by Ruth Frendo, the Company's Archivist and two leading scholars of the Company and the book trade, Dr Giles Bergel and Professor Ian Gadd.

The workshop is aimed at graduate students, researchers, archivists, scholars and anyone else interested in learning more about the history of the Company, its members and their activities. There will be bursaries covering attendance and travel expenses for graduate students. Fee: £40 for workshop and evening; £20 just for workshop.
Applications: To apply, please send a brief biography along with a 200-word statement of how the workshop will be of benefit to you to Ruth Frendo at archivist@stationers.org. If you are a graduate student, please provide your institution, degree and subject you are enrolled on, and if you would like to be considered for a bursary. Applications should be received by Friday 13 April.
Related keywords: actors of the book trade, archives, book trade, history of printing