Paper-stuff: Materiality, Technology and Invention

Scientific meeting

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Begins on: Monday 10 September 2018.
Ends on: Tuesday 11 September 2018.
Location: Cambridge
Related institutions: Cambridge University
A spate of recent publications has demonstrated the urgency of getting to grips with paper, at a historical moment that feels like a turning-point in our relations with it. The main aim of Paper-stuff is to address this urgency. It aims at bringing together experts in the field, theorists of material culture and representatives of a variety of disciplines with a stake in the subject, so as to better understand paper's empire in the West. Paper-stuff wants to provide comparative perspectives as well as considers the rapidly evolving technologies available for the analysis of paper. Plenary speakers: Professor Pádraig Ó Macháin (University College Cork) Linda Toigo (Paper Artist)
Related keywords: book history, economy of printing, history of printing, material culture, paper, printer