The paper trade in early modern Europe : practices, materials, networks

Scientific meeting

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Begins on: Tuesday 26 February 2019.
Ends on: Wednesday 27 February 2019.
Location: Erlangen
Related institutions: Friedrich-Alexander Universit├Ąt
This international conference is designed to focus on one of the most essential, lucrative, and yet forgotten business activities of early modern Europe: the trading of paper. Even though it is a well-known fact within historiography that a lack of paper in the short-term means that no administration records or publications can be produced whatsoever, the history of the paper trade remains one of the least studied areas of early modern history. By bringing together experts from different scholarly perspectives - ranging from (and by no means limited to) early modern history, literary studies, media studies, economic history, communication studies, and book history Ð this conference aims to prompt discussions about the workings of the paper trade and its impact on the many uses of paper during the period
Related keywords: actors of the book trade, material bibliography