New Sources for Book History

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Irène Fabry-Tehranchi

Scientific meeting

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Takes place on: Tuesday 28 November 2017.
Location: London
Related institutions: British Library
Source : CERL. When Febvre and Martin's L'apparition du livre was first published, a new research field was opened up, launching an innovative approach to book history. Studies not only on the production, distribution and reading of books started to appear, but also more widely on the book, its materiality, multiple uses, forms, meanings and influences within a given society. Decades of systematic cataloguing, the integration of records into large databases, the development of digital tools and resources which can handle very large quantities of high-quality bibliographical data now make it possible to undertake new kinds of research. The main question this one-day conference will try to address is: what sources and methodologies are now used by librarians, historians and other such users and what are the possible outcomes?
Related keywords: book culture, book history, book trade, medieval studies , Renaissance studies