Modify your profile information
Format text using custom code

Modify your profile information

After joining the project, a profile page collecting information about you is put online, as part of the website. Some of your information is also displayed on the member directory. It is now possible to update this information, except: Your photo

Format text using custom code

Allows users to format some of the text they add in the database. Text fields that can be formated are preceded by the mention Can be formated*.
Code Result
Italique [i]text[/i] text
Underline [u]text[/u] text
Quote marks [qm]text[/qm] “text”
List [*]text[/*]
● text
Line break Text text[br] text[br][br] text text text Text text

text text text
Add link [a=][=a]Text[/a] Text