Workshop about Antoine Vérard's early printed books (British Library)

Members attending

Louis-Gabriel Bonicoli,
Irène Fabry-Tehranchi
David Shaw

Scientific meeting

Takes place on: Thursday 28 June 2018.
Location: London
Related institutions: British Library
We would like to thank the British Library for hosting this workshop, and to the Friends of the British Library for their support.

Copies on display
● 1) GUILLAUME de DIGULLEVILLE, Le Pèlerinage de l’âme, prose version by Jean Gallopes, Paris, by [Pierre Le Caron for] Antoine Vérard, 27 IV 1499, f° (British Library: IB.41186). – ISTC ih00490000.
● 2) [HORTUS sanitatis. Fr. :] Le Jardin de santé, Paris, [Gillet Couteau(?)] for Antoine Vérard, [inter X 1499 et 1501/02], f° (British Library: C.22.f.9). – ISTC ih00490000.
● 3) [Horae ad usum Sarum (Salisbury)], for Antoine Vérard, [circa 1505?] (almanach 1503-1520), 4° (British Library: C.35.e.4). – Macf 232.
● 4) BOETHIUS, [De Consolatione philosophiae. Fr:] La Consolation de philosophie, Comm. Regnier de Saint-Trond, Le Grant Boèce de consolation. – Paris, [Pierre Le Caron(?)] for Antoine Vérard, 19 VIII 1494, f° (British Library: IB.41166 and C.22.f.8). – ISTC ib00814000.
● 5) Enguerrand de MONSTRELET, Les Chroniques de France, Paris, [Gillet Couteau(?) and Pierre Le Caron(?)] for Antoine Vérard, [inter 1501 et VII 1503], f° (British Library: G.6243 and IC.41248). – ISTC im00812000.
● 6) Henricus SUSO [Horologium aeternae sapientiae. Fr.:] L’Horloge de sapience, Paris, by [Gillet Couteau(?) for] Antoine Vérard, 10 III 1493/94, f° (British Library: IB.41151). – ISTC is00877000.
● 7) Jean MOLINET, L’Art et science de rhétorique, Paris, by [Gillet Couteau(?) for] Antoine Vérard, 10 V 1493, f° (British Library: IB.41139). – ISTC im00793200.

Karen Limper-Herz gave a few words as an introduction to this workshop, which were followed by a presentation by Irène Fabry-Tehranchi of the editions produced by Vérard for Henry VII and now held by the British Library. It involved a discussion of the marks of provenance and documentary evidence, including the inventories of the libraries of Richmond in 1535 and Westminster in 1542. Vérard indeed offered to the English king – very likely in exchange of some sort of financial compensation – several beautifully painted copies printed on vellum. Vérard also produced a few editions for the British market, such as a Book of hours for the use of Salisbury and an English translation, the Art of good dying.
Louis-Gabriel Bonicoli then talked about the woodcuts and metalcuts used by the publisher to illustrate his editions. He reflected on the influence of the printing technique on the way images were used in books; the main artists responsible for the design of the woodcuts and metalcuts; and the different relationships that could exist between texts and images in early printed books.
Irène Fabry-Tehranchi used several vellum copies on display to discuss how Vérard employed painters to colour or replace the printed images, who were these artists, and other provenance information provided by amendments to the text, bindings, markings, and previous shelfmarks.

Organizers and speakers (non members)
● Karen Limper-Herz (British Library)
Attendees (non members)
● John Boneham (British Library)
● James Carley (York University and other affiliations)
● Sheri Chriqui (University of London)
● Isabelle de Conihout (independant researcher)
● Loukia Drosopoulou (British Library)
● Charlotte Miller (Sotheby's)
● Morgan Ring (The Warburg Institute)
● Liam Sims (Cambridge University Library)
● Ralph Thompson (National Archives)
● Parie Watterson (British Library)
● Phoebe Weston-Evans (British Library)
Related keywords: art history, painted illustrations, print culture