digital humanities
French: humanités numériques
Definition: No definition available yet.
Status: This word is not is the glossary of terms related to book history.
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Oct 2019, Scientific meeting: Le numérique et les études médi, location: Montreal
Jan 2019, Scientific meeting: Histoire, Langues et Textométrie, location: Paris
Dec 2018, Call for paper: Le numérique et les études médi, location: Montreal
Oct 2018, Position application: Villa I Tatti Call for Applications, location: Florence
Jul 2018, Position application: Postdoctoral Fellowship in Medieval, location: Toronto
Jun 2018, Position application: Masters en humanités numériques, location: Paris
Jun 2018, Call for paper: Histoire, Langues et Textométrie -, location: Paris
Jun 2018, Scientific meeting: Corpus hagiographique bourguignon (, location: Paris
May 2018, Scientific meeting: Humanités numériques : de nouveau, location: Namur
May 2018, Position application: James P. Danky Fellowships, location: Madison
Apr 2018, Scientific meeting: One day to make ManusOnLine grow, location: Rome
Mar 2018, Call for paper: Stage Valorisation des collections , location: Poitiers
Mar 2018, Scientific meeting: Visual approaches to cultural herit, location: Zürich
Mar 2018, Call for paper: Call for paper - The Book: Material, location: Salt Lake City
Feb 2018, Position application: Loughborough University PhD Student, location: Loughborough
Feb 2018, Scientific meeting: Digital Editing and the Medieval M, location: Atlanta
Nov 2017, Scientific meeting: Histoire du livre et pouvoirs de l&, location: Paris