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Bernstein - The memory of paper

Categories: Web portal, Database.
Place: Wien.
Institution: The Bernstein Consortium, Institute for Medieval Research.
No starting year specified.
This website is about paper, paper expertise, and history of paper, with various ressources.
Keyword: paper.
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Categories: Database, Research project, Web portal.
Place: Paris.
Launched in: 2012.
Biblissima est une bibliothèque numérique sur le web, donnant accès de façon simple et coordonnée à un ensemble massif et complexe de documentation sur les manuscrits et les imprimés anciens...
Keywords: book culture, library, digital humanities, early modern studies, Medieval studies .
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Categories: Association / Society, Web portal.
Place: Lyon.
Launched in: 2007.
Biblyon regroupe des projets de recherches portés par des établissements et centres de recherche lyonnais...
Keywords: book culture, book trades, book history, French Renaissance.
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Consortium of European Research Libraries (CERL)

Categories: Research project, Web portal.
Launched in: 1992.
The Consortium’s purpose is to share resources and expertise between research libraries with a view to improving access to, as well as research on and preservation of, the European printed heritage...
Keywords: library, manuscript culture, print culture.
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Category: Web portal.
No starting year specified.
Pluridisciplinary research website on 16th century.
Keyword: early modern studies.
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History of the Book UCLA

Category: Web portal.
Place: Los Angeles.
Institution: UCLA.
Launched in: 2017.
A networked resource on the production and reception of materials related to book history
Keyword: book history.
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Sammelband: A Book History Pedagogy Blog (Sammelband)

Category: Web portal.
Institution: Texas A&M University.
Launched in: 2018.
A new blog on using book history in the classroom. A new project from Women in Book History Bibliography.
Keyword: book history.
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Women in Book History Bibliography

Categories: Association / Society, Web portal, Database.
Launched in: 2016.
This project promotes ongoing work in women's book history by providing a hub where scholarship and resources on women's writing and labor is made visible.
Keyword: bibliography.
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