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L'édition italienne dans l'espace francophone à la première modernité

A collaborative research programm on production, diffusion and conserrvation of Italian books in France.

Files about printer and booksellers devices around 1500

Digitization of the files made by the staff of the Bibliothèque nationale de France while cataloguing the incunabula of their library...
Keywords: 16c prints, incunabula, printer, printer or publisher's device, printing matrice, publisher


Biblyon regroupe des projets de recherches portés par des établissements et centres de recherche lyonnais...
Keywords: book culture, book history, book trades, French Renaissance

Research Network "Paper Trade in Early Modern Europe"

This research network aims to reposition the paper trade in (book) history.
Keywords: actors of the book trade, material bibliography, material culture, paper

Early Modern Book Trade

This project will explore the idea – and gather the evidence to prove it – that the so-called printing revolution does not consist in a change in book-making technology...
Keywords: 16c prints, book history, book trades, circulation of people and material, economic history, history of printing, italian studies, networks, relations between readers and/or books producers, Renaissance studies

Women in Book History Bibliography

This project promotes ongoing work in women's book history by providing a hub where scholarship and resources on women's writing and labor is made visible.
Keywords: bibliography

Modern Language Association

The MLA is a leading advocate for the study and teaching of languages and literatures and serves as a clearinghouse for professional resources for teachers and scholars.

FAMA - Oeuvres latines médiévales à succès

Le présent projet consiste à rassembler des renseignements sur le nombre de témoins subsistants des ouvrages les plus lus du Moyen Âge latin...
Keywords: digital humanities, manuscript culture, reader

History of the Book UCLA

A networked resource on the production and reception of materials related to book history
Keywords: book history