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Communities of Print: Using Books In Early Modern Europe

Communities of Print is a network of leading international scholars looking at the role of books in creating communities...
Keywords: actors of the book trade, circulation of people and material, print culture, relations between readers and/or books producers

Questes - Groupe de jeunes chercheurs médiévistes

Espace de réflexion ouvert à tous, il se donne pour objectif le libre débat et non l’exposé magistral...
Keywords: Medieval studies

Sammelband: A Book History Pedagogy Blog

A new blog on using book history in the classroom. A new project from Women in Book History Bibliography.
Keywords: book history

Consortium of European Research Libraries

The Consortium’s purpose is to share resources and expertise between research libraries with a view to improving access to, as well as research on and preservation of, the European printed heritage...
Keywords: library, manuscript culture, print culture

FAMA - Oeuvres latines médiévales à succès

Le présent projet consiste à rassembler des renseignements sur le nombre de témoins subsistants des ouvrages les plus lus du Moyen Âge latin...
Keywords: digital humanities, manuscript culture, reader

Early Modern Book Trade

This project will explore the idea – and gather the evidence to prove it – that the so-called printing revolution does not consist in a change in book-making technology...
Keywords: 16c prints, book history, book trades, circulation of people and material, economic history, history of printing, italian studies, networks, relations between readers and/or books producers, Renaissance studies

Bibliothèque numérique France-Pologne

An online library, due to the collaboration of various french and polish cultural institutions.

Incunabula Short Title

The Incunabula Short Title Catalogue is the international database of 15th-century European printing created by the British Library with contributions from institutions worldwide...
Keywords: cataloging, digital humanities, incunabula