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L'édition italienne dans l'espace francophone à la première modernité

A collaborative research programm on production, diffusion and conserrvation of Italian books in France.

Research Network "Paper Trade in Early Modern Europe"

This research network aims to reposition the paper trade in (book) history.
Keywords: actors of the book trade, material bibliography, material culture, paper

Women in Book History Bibliography

This project promotes ongoing work in women's book history by providing a hub where scholarship and resources on women's writing and labor is made visible.
Keywords: bibliography

Libraria : Pour l’histoire des bibliothèques anciennes

Libraria is a blog dedicated to library history, from the early Middle-Ages up to the Modern Period, and to the provenance of medieval manuscripts...
Keywords: ancient libraries, book history, codicology, manuscripts

L'Atelier du XVIe siècle

L’Atelier XVIe siècle de Paris-Sorbonne réunit des chercheurs, enseignants-chercheurs et doctorants venant d’horizons divers, d’universités tant françaises qu’étrangères comme de champs disciplinaires variés.
Keywords: 16c prints, actors of the book trade, circulation of people and material, literature

Files about printer and booksellers devices around 1500

Digitization of the files made by the staff of the Bibliothèque nationale de France while cataloguing the incunabula of their library...
Keywords: 16c prints, incunabula, printer, printer or publisher's device, printing matrice, publisher

Base de typographie de la Renaissance

BaTyR réunit des données photographiques relatives aux matériels employés dans les ateliers d’imprimeurs à la Renaissance...
Keywords: 16c prints, bibliography, book history, digital humanities, early modern studies, print culture, printer, publisher, Renaissance studies, workshop


Books printed between 1450 and 1500 are known as incunabula. Some 30,000 editions are known today, in some 450,000 surviving copies, located in about 4,000 different public libraries, mostly in Europe and North America...
Keywords: book history, cataloging, incunabula, library, reader