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Sep 2018, Scientific meeting: Printing R-evolution and Society, 1, location: Venice
Jun 2018 - Jul 2018, Scientific meeting: Greek and Latin Summer School, location: Bologna
May 2018, Call for paper: CfP Les écritures de l'économie a, location: Susa
Apr 2018, Scientific meeting: "Questa penna, questa man, questo i, location: Rome
Apr 2018, Scientific meeting: One day to make ManusOnLine grow, location: Rome
Mar 2018, Call for paper: Art in Tuscany Study Center, location: Arezzo
Mar 2018, Position application: Venice - Fondazione Giorgio Cini, location: Venice
Feb 2018, Scientific meeting: I privilegi librari in Italia e Fra, location: Udine
Feb 2018, Scientific meeting: « Le Manuscrit du Roi », Paris Bn, location: Rome
Jan 2018, Position application: Application Ecole Française de Rom, location: Rome
Jan 2018, Scientific meeting: Winter Seminars in Paleography and, location: Florence
Nov 2017, Scientific meeting: «Tocco di». Chansonniers aux main, location: Rome