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Sep 2018, Scientific meeting: Paper-stuff: Materiality, Technolog, location: Cambridge
Jul 2018, Scientific meeting: Centre for the Study of the Book - , location: Oxford
Jun 2018, Scientific meeting: The St Andrews Book Conference : Pr, location: Saint Andrews
Jun 2018, Call for paper: London Rare Books School, location: London
Apr 2018, Scientific meeting: Leeds Conference on textual studies, location: Leeds
Apr 2018, Scientific meeting: Printing and misprinting, location: Oxford
Apr 2018, Scientific meeting: Printing Colour 1700-1830 Conferenc, location: London
Mar 2018, Call for paper: Call for Papers: Paper-stuff: Mater, location: Cambridge
Mar 2018, Position application: History of Publishing Postdoctoral , location: Derby
Feb 2018, Position application: Loughborough University PhD Student, location: Loughborough
Feb 2018, Scientific meeting: Seminar and Book Lauch in Cambridge, location: Cambridge
Feb 2018, Position application: Berry PhD Scholarship in Renaissanc, location: Saint Andrews
Feb 2018, Call for paper: Leeds University on Textual Histori, location: Leeds
Feb 2018, Scientific meeting: IES Annual Lecture in the history o, location: London
Jan 2018, Scientific meeting: Free masterclass, Gutenberg's Year, location: London, Oxford, Reading
Dec 2017, Scientific meeting: Seminar on the history of libraries, location: London
Nov 2017, Scientific meeting: New Sources for Book History, location: London
Nov 2017, Scientific meeting: Meeting in London, location: London
Nov 2017 - Apr 2018, Exhibition: Fragments of note: the afterlives o, location: Oxford
Oct 2017 - Feb 2018, Exhibition: Martin Luther , location: London