Oury Goldman

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Research interests

I'm finishing a PHD in History dealing with the dissemination and circulation of knowledge in France relating to the European expansion in the wider world during the 16th century. My main focus is the study of a corpus of translations of geographical treatises, general and natural histories, printed around 1550 in Paris and Lyon. My aim is to study the editorial strategies behind these translation, the editorial practices of the translation but also the dissemination and circulation of these books in the libraries of the second half of the sixteenth century, in the kingdom of France, and elsewhere (Scotland, Spain, Italy, duchies of Lorraine and Savoy, etc.).
Keywords:book trade, circulation of people and material, cultural history, French Renaissance, global history, history of collections, history of geography, library, translation.
Studied area(s):Europe, Lyon, Paris.
Studied period:1500-1620

Academic background

Institution(s):École des hautes études en sciences sociales.
Highest degree: PhD or equivalent (in preparation).