Free masterclass, Gutenberg's Year

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Takes place on: Friday 5 January 2018.
Location: London, Oxford, Reading
Related institutions: Institute of English Studies, University of Oxford, University of Reading
Johannes Gutenberg printed the first book, the Gutenberg Bible, around 1455. Over 500 years later, his invention still shapes how we communicate. But what did his press look like? How was it made? And how did it work? This masterclass, with three historical printers at three historical presses, to offer participants a unique opportunity to explore the history of the printing press itself from a hands-on, practical approach. The discussions will explore the construction, engineering, and workings of historical relief printing presses and reconstructions spanning the hand-press period, 1450-1830. The sessions are led by Martin Andrews (Reading), Alan May (Reading) and Richard Lawrence (Oxford), convened by Elizabeth Savage (IES). Dates 2 Feb 2018 The Dürer Press, Senate House, London, 12-1pm 2 Mar 2018 The Bibliographical Press, Oxford University, 1-3pm 23 Mar 2018 The Gutenberg Press, University of Reading, 1-4pm Eligibility: Participants must be PhD students or ECRs (under 10 years post-PhD) and commit to attending all three sessions.
Related keywords: book history, printed books