Seminar on the history of the book

Scientific meeting

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Begins on: Tuesday 23 January 2018.
Ends on: Friday 9 March 2018.
Related institutions: Lincoln College, University of Oxford
Oxford, Weston Library, Visiting Scholars' Centre (VSC) – Hilary Term, Fridays 2.15 Convenor: Cristina Dondi (Lincoln College and 15cBOOKTRADE) TUESDAY 23 Jan. 2018 NUMISMATICS – Dr Alan Stahl (Curator of Numismatics, Princeton University) Coins, Money and Prices in Renaissance Italy 26 Jan. 2018 ARABIC – Prof. Julia Bray (Laudian Professor of Arabic, University of Oxford) Scrolls into codices: Jilyani's picture-poems for Saladin 2 Feb. 2018 EARLY MODERN PUBLISHING POLICIES – Prof. Ian Maclean (All Souls College) Andreas Frisius of Amsterdam and the search for a niche market, 1664-75 9 Feb. 2018 TRADE – Dr Irene Ceccherini (Lyell-Bodleian Research Fellow in Manuscript Studies, Bodleian Library, Dilts Research Fellow in Palaeography, Lincoln College, University of Oxford) Merchants' books of Venice and Florence 23 Feb. 2018 POPULAR LITERATURE – Dr Laura Carnelos (Marie Curie Fellow, CERL and British Library) From ephemeral to rare: 16th-Century Italian Popular Books in the British and the Bodleian Libraries 2 Mar. 2018 HISTORY OF ART – Prof. Lilian Armstrong (Wellesley College) The De Spira Brothers vrs. Nicolaus Jenson, 1469-1472: A Rivalry Traced through Hand-illuminated Copies of their Editions 9 Mar. 2018 DIGITAL TYPOGRAPHY: Dr Falk Eisermann (Gesamtkatalog der Wiegendrucke, Staatsbibliothek, Berlin) “Did you mean incurable? Searching and Finding Incunabula in the World Wide Web”
Related keywords: book history, Numismatics