Dregs, dross and debris: the art of transient print

Scientific meeting

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Begins on: Tuesday 9 July 2019.
Ends on: Wednesday 10 July 2019.
Location: Liverpool
Related institutions: University of Liverpool
This conference is an opportunity to take a fresh look at the printed material too often regarded as trash - either by its contemporaries, who regarded it as disposable, or by the academy which until recently has tended to treat such items as beneath contempt. The emphasis throughout is on the production, distribution and consumption of such items and on the workings of the book trade from the earliest days of print to the present. The conference will discuss a range of material forms from Tudor times to the present day, including woodcuts, posters, scraps, leaflets, chapbooks, magazines.
The programme includes an opening session featuring the university’s Femorabilia Collection of women and girls’ popular fiction. There will be opportunities during the conference to visit an exhibition of items from the collection.
Related keywords: history of printing, material bibliography