Ecologies of Writing: Making a Mark, Marking a Place - CfP

Call for paper

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Deadline: Tuesday 30 April 2019.
Location: London
Related institutions: University College London
For this Symposium we invite papers that will address the overall theme of ‘Ecologies of Writing’ from multiple disciplinary perspectives including but not restricted to anthropology, archaeology, area studies, art history, art practice , education, film studies, gender studies, history, information studies, linguistics, literary studies, media studies and museum studies.
With the term ‘ecologies’, we wish to signal our specific interests in the materiality, embodiment, emplacement and interconnectedness of writing and writing systems in global and local environments. We are interested in how individuals and cultures physically inscribe and re-inscribe environments, platforms and places through ‘writing’, broadly conceived, and, in turn, how an inscribed place/ground ‘makes a mark’ on the way such surfaces and sites are used by human/non-human inhabitants. Key themes will include the architecture and ecology of the page, the block, the screen, the canvas, the site, the surface. In sum, the situatedness of writing.
Related keywords: scripturalness