Seminar on textual bibliography for modern foreign languages - CfP

Call for paper

Deadline: Tuesday 30 April 2019.
Related institutions: British Library

Monday, 3 June 2019 in the Knowledge (formerly Conference) Centre, the British Library


We are seeking four or five papers of approx. 30 minutes each, with ample time for discussion after each paper. Papers dealing with any aspect of printing and book production in Continental Eastern and Western Europe are warmly invited, as are papers dealing with other aspects of historical bibliography, editing, and the history of the book and reading. Papers giving an account of work in progress are a long-standing feature of the seminar.

Please let us know by the end of April if you are willing to give a paper.

We should be grateful if you would send us the names and addresses of potential new participants in the seminar, especially postgraduate students.

Barry Taylor ( ; tel 020 7412 7576) Susan Reed ( ; tel 020 7412 7572)
Related keywords: bibliography, book history