Book History Workshop at Texas A&M University

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Deadline: Monday 15 April 2019.
Location: College Station
Related institutions: Texas A&M University
This immersive course provides an opportunity to investigate the manufacture of books during the handpress period by participating in the allied trades which produced them. Over the course of a week, attendees will create a complete facsimile of an eighteenth-century pamphlet by setting, correcting, and imposing type on an English common press and printing the book in three octavo formes. Likewise, the workshop’s projects extend to other handpress-era technologies, including typecasting, papermaking, marbling, bookbinding, and illustration -- all of which employ period-accurate equipment. These experiential learning sessions are further enriched by a series of scholarly lectures which draw upon the extensive historical collections housed at Cushing Memorial Library & Archives. Together, they provide a unique opportunity for book historians, literary scholars, librarians, and interested members of the general public to learn about the history of books and printing.
Related keywords: 18th century, book history, history of printing