One-day course for Heritage professionals

Scientific meeting

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Takes place on: Tuesday 12 March 2019.
Location: London
Related institutions: British Library
Jointly organised by the University of Cambridge Museums (UCM) and the National Heritage Science Forum (NHSF), this one-day workshop will discuss the benefits of heritage science research in the context of collections-based research and outreach activities. Participants will learn about a range of analytical methods, which can be used to learn more about the materials composition, history, original context and current conservation and storage needs of archaeological, archival and museum objects. During the workshop, real case studies of heritage science research applied to a range of objects will be presented and discussed. Participants will be asked to contribute their experience of, or aspirations for, collaboration with heritage science researchers. The workshop is suitable for conservators, curators, early career scientists, collections managers, archivists and librarians working in museums, archives, libraries and historic houses.
Related keywords: librarianship, material bibliography