The Art of the Lost: destruction, reconstruction and change

Scientific meeting

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Begins on: Wednesday 27 November 2019.
Ends on: Friday 29 November 2019.
Location: Canterbury
The conference is part of a wider project to preserve and research the material culture of Canterbury Cathedral and it is supported by the Chapter of Canterbury and the Heritage Lottery Fund through The Canterbury Journey project.
This conference will explore and appraise current and developing studies of how art changes, is reused or repurposed, disappears or is rediscovered.
It will look at how and why art is defaced, destroyed or is lost within architectural settings, with a particular focus on art within the context of cathedrals, churches or other places of worship.
It will consider changing ideologies, iconoclasm, war, fashion and symbolism. It will cover art from the 6th century to the modern day.
The aim of the conference is to offer a vibrant and challenging perspective on the field, review ongoing projects, scholarly activity and public engagement.
Related keywords: art history, lost texts, material culture