Moving Forms: The Transformations and Translocations of Medieval Literature

Scientific meeting

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Begins on: Wednesday 11 September 2019.
Ends on: Friday 13 September 2019.
Location: Athenes
Related institutions: Danish Institute at Athens
This symposium aims to contribute to the understanding of medieval literature through the development of methodologies which examine the intersection of social networks and communities with literary forms. We welcome papers that attend to the agency of people (men and women), genres (literary, scientific, philosophical, legal etc.), modes (verse, poetry, prose), styles, texts and manuscripts (book types, layouts, images) in creating literary links across space and time. Building on the practices of both comparative literature and entangled history, the symposium will open up connections between literary cultures often considered to be separate. At the same time, and of equal importance, it will be alert to the absence of connections, to discontinuities, exposing the diversities and ruptures of medieval literature, as well as the commonalities.
Related keywords: circulation of people and material, cultural transfer, literature, Medieval studies