Position application

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Deadline: Monday 21 January 2019.
Location: Cambridge, Edinburgh, San Marino, Rome, The Hague
CERL would like to offer four 2018/2019 Internship and Placement Grants, to the value of 1,000 Euros each, to allow qualified librarians and scholars to work on CERL projects in CERL libraries, or in CERL offices, and to be trained on CERL digital resources, generally for a period of one month.
In particular, CERL is looking to support people new to the profession, whether in librarianship or in academia, and to facilitate international mobility.
Applicants may apply to these, or suggest a different proposal in agreement with another host library, which must itself be a member of CERL. The internship should take place within the period January-September 2019.
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